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Organization: Health & Human Services-CMS

Objective: 14,000 System Roll-out to Multiple Locations through-out the US.

Increase revenue for Client B by coordinating and managing relationship with CMS, Client B and OEM for a 14,000 system roll-out to multiple locations across the US as a Project Coordinator.



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Organization: Client A, Department of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy.

Objective: Increase revenue for Client A by designing, coordinating, contracting and managing a complete audio-video build out of 24 classrooms for the Department of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy.


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Client References:

“Corinne has been an integral part of our success within the Department of Health and Human Services. Her industry-expertise, enjoyable personality, and work ethic have enabled us to take our relationship with DHHS to the next level. If we could have an individual like Corinne to leverage for each of the federal agencies, our sales teams would be ecstatic, and our company would experience unprecedented growth.”  -Senior Management Team, Sterling Computers Corporation

"Thank you as always for the Outstanding Work you always do. You are very much a trusted partner." -Dell Management Team