Small Business

Connect2Consulting specializes in serving small to mid-sized Socially Economically Disadvantaged businesses interested in marketing products and services to the Federal Government.

C2C works with the client to assess their goals, and determines their needs.  In partnership, we implement a plan of action utilizing our team of experts to create a strategic plan with timelines and measurable goals all leading to financial success for our clients.

In addition, C2C helps their clients grow revenue opportunities by developing teams of technology resources with large OEMS and engage our clients in channel sales programs.

Our team combines over 25 years of success working with small to mid-sized companies in Marketing, Sales, BD Project Management and Contracts Management.  In partnership with senior leadership we establish performance goals, create a working strategy and execute a plan that results in increased revenue and new opportunity.

Industry Expertise in the following areas:

Information Technology   ♦   Professional Services

Prime Contractors/Integrators   ♦   Federal, State and Local Government

Connect2Consulting provides the following services:

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